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Future plans

The Simmons Center for Global Chicago has the unique potential to support and enrich Chicago’s globally active community in a concerted and intentional way, providing expertise, strategy, and a platform for connectivity.

Although the initial launch will be virtual, the Simmons Center intends to establish a physical space when it is safe to do so.

The space will be anchored and designed around the primary elements of identity, collaboration, and amenity.

  • The identity element is the place where teams, clients, and donors can feel connected to the mission, values, and cultures of organizations working to make the world a better place.
  • The collaboration and amenity spaces prioritize connectivity and learning for both internal and external facing teams, clients, and partners.
  • Dedicated team spaces are organized along the perimeter of the central elements of identity, collaboration, and amenity to encourage and enable individual organizational identities and work.
  • Support functions and shared services are also adjacent to the central elements to enable teams and functions without overpowering the primary elements.

Nonprofit centers are a growing trend to promote efficiency and collaboration. A recent study supported by the Kresge and Lodestar Foundations noted that “while nonprofit centers come in a variety of forms reflecting the unique needs of their communities, they offer substantial advantages over traditional real estate models, yield increased effectiveness and efficiency for resident organizations, and generate tangible positive impacts for consumers of these organizations’ services, surrounding communities and society at-large.”

The Simmons Center is being created to strengthen the international development community in Chicago and highlight Chicago’s profile as a global city. It seeks to bring together globally engaged nonprofits with like-minded professionals, groups, donors, and businesses. Located in the heart of Chicago, the Simmons Center catalyzes on the positive work that is already being done by creating connections, building community, and offering shared amenities and services.

The Simmons Center will be a place to…

  • Connect and collaborate with your peers
  • Strengthen organizational capacity and enhance programs
  • Broaden and deepen reach
  • Bring positive change to the world