2023 Global Philanthropy Tracker (GPT)

Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
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Measuring cross-border giving

The 2023 GPT, the 11th edition of the index, bridges the gap between an increasing need for philanthropy and the lack of knowledge about the scope of cross-border giving.

A first-of-its-kind research project, The Global Philanthropy Tracker (GPT) measures cross-border donations from individuals and organizations around the world. The GPT presents data on four flows—philanthropic outflows, official development assistance (ODA), remittances, and private capital investment—for 47 countries. The data gathered represent the year 2020 or the most recent year with available data.

The global challenges of 2020, from social injustice to the COVID-19 pandemic and climate disasters, put the philanthropic sector to the test and provided an opportunity to reconceptualize the role of philanthropy in foreign aid and sustainable development. By reporting on these four flows, the GPT demonstrates how civil societies, governments, businesses, and individuals collaborate to address societal issues around the globe.

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