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Help create a place for members and partners to connect, collaborate, build organizational capacity, and improve international development strategies. Working together, we will strengthen Chicago’s global impact.

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Where We Work

Simmons Center members engage in development projects across all regions of the globe. Through the Simmons Center, members and their supporters can see where there is geographic overlap that can lead to collaboration and project commonalities that can inspire sharing of best practices from one region to another. This interactive map shows where organizations have ongoing operations.

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We provide opportunities to engage with global development thought leadership, new initiatives, field reports, a resource library, and more.

Members and Partners have access to  

  • Connections: Peer engagement and affinity groups, coaching and mentoring.
  • Learning: Trainings, capacity building and professional services, intern program.
  • Enhanced Impact: Grant opportunities, shared amenities, needs and markets, board development programs.

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Global Philanthropy

Philanthropy supporting Chicago-based global development nonprofits has a multiplier effect.

  • Philanthropists can realize their strategic goals through collaboration with local nonprofit organizations.
  • Funders can connect easily with nonprofits to assess needs, receive updates from the field, and refine giving strategies for greater impact.
  • Local donations amplify Chicago’s role as a global city and strengthen the work of locally-based, globally-active groups.
  • Support of the Simmons Center programs enables member nonprofits to reduce overhead costs, reallocating resources to the important work on the ground.

The Simmons Center curates resources for philanthropists in the Global Solutions section.

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Job Board

Search for  jobs with our member/partner organizations, or external positions in a field related to global development. You can also share opportunities for the Simmons Center to include on this list.

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The Center

The Simmons Center strengthens the international development community in Chicago and highlights Chicago’s profile as a global city. It brings together globally engaged nonprofits with like-minded professionals, donors, and businesses.

Located in the heart of Chicago, the Simmons Center catalyzes the positive work that is already being done by creating connections, building community, and offering shared amenities and services.

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