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The Voices and Faces Project: A Call for Poetry Submissions

Poet Jessica Helen Lopez, a Rural Women's Collective Fellow at Justice for Migrant Women and a Voices and Faces Project workshop alum.

The Louder Together team at The Voices and Faces Project, an award-winning non-profit storytelling project and testimonial writing program, is joining with the Rural Women's Collective Fellows at Justice for Migrant Women to solicit poetry submissions that speak to the statement "I Am Rural America."

Poetry submissions should helps shine a light on outdated notions of who represents rural America…confront the economic, racial, and social injustices too often experienced by immigrant and farmworker persons…and highlight aspects of rural life that are too often ignored by the media and the public. This project seeks to elevate the writing of Black, Brown and Indigenous persons, and other Communities of Color, whose stories are too often disappeared in conversations about rural populations.

Poetry that speaks hard truths, as well as writing that focuses on hopes for a more just and equitable rural America, are both welcome.

The Louder Together team at The Voices and Faces Project will then weave together lines from accepted submissions to craft "I Am Rural America," the second crowdsourced poem in the 2021 Louder Together poetry and performance series. Contributors to "I Am Rural America" will be fully credited; submissions are due by March 30, 2021.

More information is available here.

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