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Unlocking Communities partners with Flexport to move water filters to Haiti

Member Unlocking Communities received support from Chicago-based Flexport, a global freight shipping company with a nonprofit funding arm to support humanitarian initiatives. This grant will continue to allow Unlocking Communities to help Haitian families get safer, affordable water. A water filtration system created from simple ingredients (clay, sawdust, water, and nanosilver) can produce clean water for a family of 5-10 people for approximately 5 years, saving the purchase of up to 100,000 plastic water bottles. So far more than 1,450 water filtration systems have been sold to improve quality of life across 13 communities in Haiti.

Not only does this aid make a humanitarian impact on the lives of Haitian families but also the environment, in eliminating single-use plastic bottles that pollute the land and ocean. The Unlocking Communities model helps communities live more sustainably by reducing the use of costly bottled water and preventing deforestation. Unlocking Communities is on the right track to achieving its goal of supporting 1 million Haitian families by 2030.

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