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World Fair Trade Day 2021: Build Back Fairer

Chicago Fair Trade will lead a three week Build Back Fairer Campaign starting on World Fair Trade Day 2021, Saturday April 17. The past year has made us all reassess what matters in our lives, and how our actions impact the communities around us. To continue this awareness and recognition, Chicago Fair Trade is asking individuals to register on Saturday, April 17th at the Build Back Fairer section of the Chicago Fair Trade website to engage with several resources highlighting the importance of fair trade.

There are three components that Chicago Fair Trade focuses on for the Build Back Fairer challenge: to educate, activate, and celebrate with individuals. The education section provides articles, videos and other resources for individuals to interact with and learn more about ethics and the importance of fair trade. The activate section provides participants with more information on things such as local events and campaigns. At the conclusion of the three week Build Back Fairer challenge on May 7, participants are encouraged to celebrate through the Build Back Fairer Awards Ceremony.

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