The movement is the message: Meeting people where they are and breaking through ideological barriers. presented by Anne K. Ream, Founder The Voices and Faces Project

Now & Next Speakers Series Webinar
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Today, Americans are more divided, and less willing tolisten to one another, than at any point in the last half century. But thereare effective strategies for meeting people where they are in order to movethem closer to justice. And time-tested ways to break through barriers in orderto make sure that your message is heard and acted on.


In The Movement is the Message: Meeting people where theyare & breaking through ideological barriers, a January 14th Now & NextSpeakers Series presentation, author, activist and Voices and Faces Project founderAnne K. Ream will consider new strategies for using our personal stories tocreate political change … explore ways that language and word choice can openaudiences up — or shut them down — in our politically polarized era … make thecase for discovering your own, truly unique “change style” … and remind us thatthe fight for joy is a critical element of the fight for justice.


She’ll also speak to lessons we can learn from iconicmovement leaders and opinion shapers (Bob Dylan, Dolores Huerta, Rosa Parks,and Martin Luther King, Jr.), contemporary change creators (novelist DorothyAllison, comedian Trevor Noah, global hip hop star Sister Fa), and theinternational community of gender based violence activists Anne hascollaborated with through her work with The Voices and Faces Project.

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